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October 9, 2011
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Nyan Butt by EVOV1 Nyan Butt by EVOV1
If you were to travel to a place called the EvoV1 Beach, you get to see this. Anyone want to buy a ticket from me?

* Artist Comments *

This is for a very long time and stout watcher of mine, :iconigorkutuzov:

Some say EVOV1 is like a country club. The longer you show me support, the more likely you recieve a gift from me. i.e. Membership points, lol!

Anyway, i took this opportunity to practice on drawing derrieres. My bros say i draw too many boobs, and not focusing on all aspects of the female anatomy. Well, i think this turned out rather well, don't you think?

Done in Macromedia Flash. Best viewed in full view or download.

Alkira Kaaris (c) :iconigorkutuzov:
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Bueatiful, nice pink and smooth ass, a shiny skin, and that tounge just says you know you want it, blonde hair, perfect with that skin, and the ass i just can't get enough. This is amazing. I absoloutley love it. Everything goes together perfect.

But that smooth ass need's to be on someones head. Or at least have the picture look like she's sitting on us. Perfect cameltoe, perfect red blushes. Can't find anything wrong with it. Just it need's a facesit version. That would be sexy.
Nice as hell though.

That ass need's to be sitting on someones head.
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 :O this sexy ...... ^^
EVOV1 Dec 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Hello. I'd like to buy a one-way ticket to this beach, please. :-)
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Hehehe~ Can't deny that's quite an awesome pose there and the perspective looks lovely ;) Seriously, I'm quite impressed having found that randomly lol. I just really like the sort of 'turning slowly in a teasing way' look this pose seems to give, perspective being added bonus points around in my opinion ;)
I have to say, that's quite some nice art style you got here and...seeing the comment of someone, you made all that with Flash ? That's pretty neat you know, might have been crazy doing all that on Flash ;P
This just is too much worth faving~
EVOV1 Nov 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for the in depth review haha! Yeap Flash is crazy to use alright! :iconfoxxdplz:
Hehe~ No worries, I tend to love commenting like that on pics ;) Any lovely drawings are lovely things to comment on and this pic was no exception~!
Seriously loved that pose and angle ;P For real, that was awesome~ Would definitely not mind seeing more and more of such angles from you XD

And yeah, I admit Flash is fun to use, I sorta use it at school for a few things and still need to get used to it lol
It's time for me to go to a world of EvoV1, where all your fantasies come true! :iconhappyskipplz: the dream is so awesome...
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